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Early Years

Our school community is inspired by the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13) where we are encouraged to think about and understand that the smallest things have the greatest potential when they are provided with the best environment for growth. This is exactly what we all strive for at St James’; a learning environment where all our children can flourish and grow in their own unique way.


Hello and welcome to the Early Years Foundations Stage and Key Stage One.  I have worked at St. James for the last 8 years and all of those in the lower school.  I’m passionate about children having purposeful learning experiences, whether that be through play or through practical, real life experiences.  I’m lucky that here at St. James' as the whole Early Years and Key Stage One team  firmly believe the same.  All children have a natural thirst for knowledge and learning and we endeavour to foster this throughout their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.  



The children join Reception in September through a phased intake, this in our experience works well for the children as ‘big school’ can be a daunting place.  The children learn mainly through play and adult led carpet sessions. When you enter our Reception class you’ll be greeted by happy engaged children who are enjoying learning.  At the end of their Reception year all the children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals.


'We need to consider that young children learn in quite different ways [than adults]. They learn by comparing physical experiences, by interactions with other people and their own feelings. And they learn an enormous amount through their imagination.... Play is what pulls together the logical and creative parts of the brain. '

Professor Doris Fromberg, Director of Early Childhood Teacher Education at Hofstra University



Miss Miles

Assistant Headteacher, EYFS & KS1 Leader