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Music Therapy Tree

The music therapy tree provides music therapy to children in mainstream primary schools across London. Our music therapist, Camilla Farrant, has provided music therapy sessions to our pupils since 2010, also running a successful choir that offers all children in the school an outlet for musical expression and enjoyment. 

Music therapy sessions can be in group settings or 1:1 and take place on a regular, weekly basis. A session involves the use of interactive improvisation, composition, singing and playing, to promote communication, socialisation and engagement. 

Music therapy has had an impact on our pupils’:

  • communication skills (including listening and eye contact)
  • social skills and turn-taking
  • motivation, focus and alertness
  • self-esteem / sense of identity
  • self control
  • physical coordination
  • spontaneity and creativity

All children can thrive in a mainstream environment, but some need that little extra support to help them through their education. We believe that all children can reach their potential through music.