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Challenging Stereotypes Week- October 2016


John 7:24 "Stop judging by external standards and judge by true standards."

Here at St James' CE Primary School we held a ‘Challenging Stereotypes Week’. During this week we wanted to challenge the children’s ideas of stereotypes and that nobody has to conform to society’s idea of a particular stereotype.

Each class spent some of the week learning about someone who has achieved brilliant things doing something that wasn’t expected of them. The children learnt about their achievements and the hurdles they overcame in their chosen career or field.

The children looked at the lives of the following people: 

Solomon Golding,

Nicola Adams,

Eddie Izzard,

Ellie Simmonds,

Liz Truss,

Max Whitlock

Steph Houghton

This culminated in a Family Event where each class displayed a selection of their learning from the week.  The evening was a huge success with many families attending and commenting positively about the theme.  Here are some of the comments:

"Excellent presentations, good to see such diversity on display.  The children's handwriting and ideas are brilliant!"

"I'm very impressed with the work and effort the children have put in.  Tackling stereotypes and differences in  a positive way.  Great idea!"

"Great idea to get the children to open their eyes to the fact that everybody is different, but everyone should be valued!"





On the final day of our themed week the children came to school dressed as who they would like to be in the future.  Many of these challenged the traditional stereotypes society says we should conform to...



 "I want to be a professional dancer!"     "I want to be a kick-boxer!" 
                                                                               "I want to be a footballer!"      



 "I want to be a boxer like Nicola Adams!"    "I want to be Prime Minister!"