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The Staff of St James'

Our Vision: Within our community we strive to develop deep roots, strong growth and freedom to flourish as a unique and whole child of God.

 Matthew 13 - The Parable of the Sower – ‘… but the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. …….produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Sheehan 

 Head of School : Mrs Everard

Assistant Head: Ms Goodison 

SENCo: Mrs Amin 

Reception: Mrs Hutchinson 

Year 1: Mrs Charalambous and Mrs Piscitelli 

Year 2: Ms Goodison 

Year 3: Mrs Oliveri & Mrs Khan 

Year 4: Mrs Gardner & Mrs Dogus 

Year 5: Mr Kay  

Year 6: Mrs Williams, Mrs Everard & Mrs James 

Spanish Teacher : KS2 -Miss Gomez

LSA Staff  Role 

Caroline Correia

LSA Support for EYFS

 Sharon Moult

LSA Support for Year 2

 Trish King

LSA Support for Year 3

 Joanna Hicks

LSA Support for Year 5 & 6 

Lorraine Hayward

LSA Support for Year 2
Caroline James 

LSA Support for Year 3

Victoria Brain 

 Sports Leader 

Bibi Kostura

LSA Support for Year 4

Uche Okwoli

LSA Support for KS2
Abida Sharif LSA Support  Year 1 & Year 2

Sevgi Senses

LSA Support for Year 1 & EYFS
Lunchtime/ Breakfast Club Staff  Role 

Maria Summerfield

Breakfast club & Lunchtime Leader

Eileen Alger

Lunchtime Sports Leader 

Donna Sprosson

Lunchtime Leader - First Aider 
Katerina Pascali

Lunchtime Leader - Play and Enjoyment Leader 

Mbeya Bondoki

Breakfast club & Lunchtime leader
Sangwan Patterson Kitchen Cook - Enfield Catering Team 
Edna Hayden Kitchen Cook  - Enfield Catering Team 
Arus Yessaian 

Kitchen Cook  - Enfield Catering Team & Breakfast club 

Office Staff  Role 

Mrs Asli Asim

School Business Manager 

Mrs Ella Tona

Admin & Attendance officer 
Site Manager   
Mark Bunyan 

Site Manager

Ms Andrea Collins 

Play Therapist and Deputy safeguarding Officer