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Find out about our governors

Ian Thompson- Local Authority Governor

After teaching for over 15 years at St James’ I left in 2013 when the appeal of working for myself became too strong.  Recently retired, I practiced as a counsellor in the independent and charity sectors.  I was thrilled when I was accepted by the local authority to serve on the governing body of St James’ as in this way I could continue to contribute to the life of the school.  

The ethos of St James’ has always been based on the whole child and in my former role as Special Educational Needs co-ordinator and in my subsequent role of counsellor, mental good health and emotional well-being are always things I consider vital if our children are to progress academically and socially.  As part of the governing body, I feel able to contribute and have an overview of the way Miss Dimmock and the whole staff team continue to ensure the children entrusted to us are at the heart of all we do.  In this way we can encourage them to develop to the best they can possibly be in all aspects of their life.  

On my regular visits to the school I like nothing more than seeing the school and the children develop across the terms which highlights just how much fantastic work is being produced and how much progress is being made by our children.  The confidence and the pride our children take in their work is a tribute to the way the staff have fostered and maintained an atmosphere where our children can develop their talents, feeling relaxed and able to apply them to their work.  To be part of that process is both a privilege and a joy.   

Dawn Roden-LDBS Governor

I along with my husband Glenn are the Ministers (Pastors) at the Salvation Army Church and Community Centre in Edmonton, where we have lived for the past four years.  After studying Theology for two years at the William Booth College, Denmark Hill, London, Glenn and I were appointed to Edmonton to run the church and serve the community in our area. During this time we have built up relationships with different organisations and have become members of The Rotary Club of Edmonton, in which we partnership with at Christmas time, to help those in need.

I am originally from Tipton in the West Midlands and before entering college to become a minister; I worked for the NHS as an NVQ assessor for people who worked within the Mental Health sector.

I am looking forward to serving as a governor so that I can help develop and make key decisions with other governors to enhance St James’s school so that the children can develop to the best of their abilities.

I am also looking forward to seeing the amazing things the children are doing within the school and getting actively involved with their learning and development. 

I feel that by becoming a governor I will be able to get more involved within the local community where I live and be able to see what is needed in and around the local area.

Melissa Hanks-Parent Governor

I have two children attending St James School; I feel it’s really important that all children get a good start in life when it comes to education, giving them a good platform to take any path that they may wish to take.  A child should be in an environment where he or she enjoys going which is safe, loving and caring.  I am very willing to learn and help by developing my knowledge and education so I can help in any way that I can.  I am the sort of person who does not mind being out of my comfort zone, learning from other people or developing my knowledge in other fields.  Currently I am working in Asset management within the highway industry but I have a few strings to my bow.  I also have a level 5 diploma in Sport therapy and Reflexology; I enjoy cake decorating and have done a number of exercise courses.  I am always looking for my next challenge whether it’s another course or a learning experience.

Revd Ian Gallagher- Ex-Officio

God brought me to this part of the world just before Easter of 2014 from Germany to be the vicar at St James’s Parish Church. Founded at the same time, the church and the school are the oldest institutions here, and I love the shared sense of history. While I already spend quite a lot of time with the school, being a governor is great because I also get to be part of a shared vision of the school—like the church—being so anchored in the local community.

Jade Prescott-Webb LDBS Governor

I currently work as a teacher in a neighbouring school within the borough of Enfield. I think Primary school education is the foundation of learning and becomes the roots to success. I have been delighted by the warm, family atmosphere, close community links and polite, well-motivated pupils at St James’ CE Primary school. I am therefore thrilled to be a member of the governing body where I hope I will be able to play a small part in continuing all their excellent work for future children.

Davina Palmer-Parent Governor

My eldest son attends St James’ and my youngest son will start in 2021. Being a Parent Governor allows me to work in close partnership with the school to ensure the children’s best interests are at heart, and ensure that every child is able to achieve the best of their abilities, are happy, safe, confident and strive to become the very best they can be.

I work for the Department for Education and have done for nearly a decade, so most of my life has evolved around children and education.

Volunteering as a parent Governor is a great and wonderful opportunity and I feel very honoured, I get to make a positive contribution to the future of so many talented children. I feel hugely grateful to have been accepted to be a part of St James’ CofE Primary School.

Michele Roarty-PCC Governor

I am a proud Grandmother who gave up work to look after my grandson, four years ago.  During this time, I started volunteering at the Salvation Army, Edmonton, where I help support the local community, as well as helping to run the parent and toddler group twice a week, along with the new baby bank which has just opened.

My previous job was working for a charity, where I worked as a Specialist Mental Health Recovery Working. My main role was to help the clients get over barriers that were preventing them from living a full and safe life.

Before this I worked in an Enfield borough Primary school, for over 17 years. During this time, I held  many different roles, from Attendance Officer to the Senco Assistant. But, after training with the Place2B, child counselling and completing the Learning Mentor programme, I became an Inclusion Mentor, which was by far the most rewarding role. I loved working closely with the children and their families, seeing children reach goals and personal targets they never thought were possible. While working in the school I was also a staff governor, which gave me insight to the workings of the whole school.

I am hugely honoured to have become a school governor at St James school. I love that the ethos of the school is based around the whole child and their growth and am really looking forward to being included in this process. I look forward to engaging with the school, meeting the children and seeing all the wonderful things St James continues to do.  As a governor I hope to be able to support and offer any help the school or local community may need.